Baby Girl & Women’s Flower Headband

Unique Fabric Flower Headbands & Bridal Hair Accessories. Visit Rhys & Rae’s Creations

Sweet fabric flower headband made up of cream, purple, tan and ivory flowers.
Chiffon Rosette Fabric Flower Headband


Salmon Pink, Black and Coral Headband made from shabby chiffon flowers with a copper bow charm & coral pink rhinestones. Coral Pink & Black Shabby Chiffon Headband


Burlap and Lace Flower Bridal Garter/Bridal Sash/Bridal Hair Flowers.
Ivory & Cream Burlap and Lace Fabric Flowers


Ivory Fabric Flower Headband/Bridal Garter/Bridal Sash/Shabby Rustic Vintage
Rustic Country Flower Bridal Sash


Shabby French Country Bridal Hair Flower.
Ivory & Cream Bridal Fabric Flower

Ruffled Burlap and Lace Flower Headband.
Bridal Wedding Burlap and Lace


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