Fabric Flower Hair Bows, Headbands, & Hair Accessories

Today I want to blog about a very talented woman who designs and creates fabric flower hair accessories and brooches by hand. Her name is Dina Ball and she has her own etsy shop called “Crowning Petals.” Before I decided to open a shop on etsy, I would browse her shop from time to time to get ideas on how to write descriptions, tags and general information about how to create a beautiful shop on etsy. She has inspired me in many ways. I have even bought a few headbands from her for my daughter. Some may ask why I would buy from a person who designs hair accessories when I make hair accessories too. I simply adore her style and it’s impossible for me to put her unique touch on any creation I design. I don’t mind sharing the love either. Besides, this post makes my blog so look so pretty! Below are some of my favorite hair flowers she has listed at her shop that I’d like to share with you.

Crowning Petals Etsy Shop


Coral, Mustard, Aqua Flower Headband


Blush Pink Fabric Flower Headband


Yellow & White Flower Hair Bow


Made To Match “Google Moon” Hair Bow


Aqua, Mint, Cream Fabric Flower Hair Accessory


Baby Blue Rosette Flower Headband-Brooch


Baby Girl Periwinkle Blue Ivory Hair Bow


Leopard Print & Blush Pink Fabric Flowers


Shabby Chiffon Flower Headband in Orange & Navy Blue



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