How To Tea Stain Linens and Lace

I try to create an aged, worn and distresses look when I’m creating my linen and lace fabric flowers. I prefer using vintage champagne and ivory pearls instead of new ones. I also use vintage lace and linen as much as possible. I never throw out linen and lace fabric scraps! They are very precious materials and the scraps are perfect for my linen flower collection sets! I soak my linen and lace fabric scraps in tea. I boil approx 7 tea bags in 8 cups of water, let it sit 10 minutes and wring out the bags in the water before I soak the scraps. I usually let them soak 4-5 hours. I wanted to see if I could get different results from reading tutorials from others who like to tea stain linens and lace. This article from Country Living Home has taught me a new way to tea stain my fabric scraps by pre-soaking the fabric in water and fabric softener. I’m so thankful for others who share their DIY tutorials!


Beautiful Handmade Lace Dress By: Vintage Opulence
Vintage Opulence on Etsy


Tea Stained Linen and Lace
Country Living Home
Click Here For a Free Tutorial


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